Minstrels and Minstrelsy in Late Medieval England by Richard Rastall and Andrew Taylor. Pub. 2023.
Extends and largely supercedes “Secular Musicians in Late Medieval England ” below.

Minstrels or Musicians? – The ‘musical literacy’ of the Elizabethan provincial Waits in England By Simon Pickard

Town Waits and their Tunes By Professor Joseph C. Bridge

The Waits: A Short Historical Study by Lyndesay Langwill

Dublin “City Music” from 1456 to 1786 By W. H. Grattan Flood

The Waits By F. A. Hadland

A Point of View – An Eye For Detail By Professor Lisa Jardine

Secular Musicians in Late Medieval England Thesis by Prof. Richard Rastall (pdf)

The Early History of the Town Waits by Prof. Richard Rastall (pdf)

The origin of The Town Waits, and the myth of the watchman-turned-musician by Prof. Richard Rastall (pdf)

Pipers and waits in the English royal households, c1290-1475: issues of identity and function by Prof. Richard Rastall (pdf)

Appendix to above (pdf).

The Dover Wait – His part in clarifying the early history of the waits James Merryweather, 11th May 2004.

The Minstrels’ Pillar in St. Mary’s Church, Beverley by James Merryweather

Prof. Bridge, Washington Irving & The Waits by James Merryweather

Henry Halewood – Bagpiper and Liverpool Town Wait 1571-1589 by James Merryweather

Liber Niger Domus Regis by James Merryweather

Quantz Was A Wait by James Merryweather

Neckham by James Merryweather (including “Neckham: A Mystery Solved”, by Richard Rastall)

Why Wait? by James Merryweather

‘Xmas’ is not blasphemy by James Merryweather (pdf).
This discussion document on James’ Blue Skye Thinkers website, may be of interest to Waits researchers deciphering original records.

The York Waits’ Chains by James Merryweather

A Day in the Life of a Great Weight Anon.

The Forgotten Trumpets – Slide Trumpets between 1480 and 1836 by Al Garrod

Hora decima: The Musical Theology of the Stadtpfeifer by Timothy A Collins DMA. (pdf)
This article originally appeared in the Spring 2003 issue of Cross Accent: the Journal of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians. It appears here with permission courtesy of the author.

The Ripon Waits in the Seventeenth Century by Pamela Radford

Tielman Susato – Danserye London Pro Musica Edition

Update to James Merryweather’s book, ‘York Music’.