About the Guild and the Website

The Waits Website was founded by Dr James Merryweather
and was, for many years, lovingly and carefully updated and maintained by
Chris Gutteridge, during his time as the site’s first webmaster.

From 2009 to 2021, the website was hand-coded in HTML and CSS by Al Garrod. All code was W3C standards compliant. The orginal website layout was designed by Al in 2009.

From December 2021, Paul Baker took over as webmaster, migrating the content to WordPress. This process is currently ongoing.


The Trustees of the International Guild of Town Pipers are:
Alan Radford, Chairman (Leeds Waits)
Roger Offord, Secretary and Treasurer (Doncaster Waits)
Jonathan Palmer (Colchester Waites)
Sue Pope (Worcester Waits)


Professor Richard Rastall