Waits’ Music

Waits’ “signature tunes” & songs that mention Waits:

Chester Waits mp3pdfBridge
Colchester Waits1669, Apollo’s Banquet, John Playfordmp3pdfBridge
Edinburgh WaitsHey Now the Day Daws (Lewis Winstock)  Langwill
Edinburgh WaitsThe Day It Daws (Fairfax ms.)  Langwill
The Leeds Waits Wassail1800 (Earliest recorded version)mp3pdfWassail
London Waits mp3pdfBridge
London Waits Songs1719, Pills to Purge Melancholymp3pdfOxford Journals
The Night Watch1599, Anthony Holbornemp3pdfBridge
Oxford Waits mp3pdfBridge
Past One o’Clock mp3pdfFiddler’s Companion
Tower Hamlets Waitsc.1730, John Ravenscroftmp3pdfJohn Ravenscroft
The Waits1667, Jeremy Savilemp3pdfYork Waits EMM
Warrington Waits1651-1728, John Playfordmp3pdfRobert M. Keller
Worksop Waits mp3pdfBridge
York Waits mp3pdfBridge
Waits Jigg1690, Apollo’s Banquet, John Playfordmp3pdfBridge
The Moon Shines Bright  pdfHymns & Carols

Tunes that Waits are mentioned as playing:

Britons Strike Home1695, Henry Purcellmp3pdfLeeds Waits, 1739
The Crawshaw ManuscriptC18th – C19th PageNotes & Queries
Cuckolds all a-row1719, Pills to Purge Melancholymp3pdflyrics
God Save the King1745, Anon.mp3 The British Monarchy
Lilliburleroc1700 – played by the City of London Waitsmp3pdf 1Ned Ward, The London Spy
Minuet from Quartet in D minor1797, Joseph Haydn pdfWilliam Gardiner
Rule Britannia1740, Thomas Arnemp3pdfLeeds Waits
Sour Plums of Galashielsc.1700-1750, Donald Macleanmp3pdfBrian E. McCandless
The Stamford BullardsC14th – C19thmp3pdflyrics

Tunes that may have been written by Waits:

Courtly Masquing Ayres1587-1640, John Adsonmp3pdf, pngJohn Adson
Air from Twenty Almandes and a Pavan in Six Parts1587-1640, John Adson SEME 12John Adson
Fantasy (No.s 1-6)c.1550-1633, Edward Blankes, London Waites IMSLPNotes & Queries 2008
A Catch for 4 Voices1582, William Byrdmp3pdfCambridge Waits, 1582
Bruder Conrad’s Tanzmassc.1555, Paul & Bartholomeus Hessenmp3pdf p1   p2The Hessen Brothers
Pastorellac.1555, Paul & Bartholomeus Hessenmp3 1   Nachtanzpdf 1   NachtanzThe Hessen Brothers
Pastorumtanzc.1555, Paul & Bartholomeus Hessenmp3pdf 1   NachtanzThe Hessen Brothers
Tant Que Vivraic.1555, Paul & Bartholomeus Hessenmp3 1   Nachtanzpdf 1   NachtanzThe Hessen Brothers
SarabandC17th, Simon Ivesmp3pdfSimon Yves
Tower Hamlets WaitsJohn Ravenscroft  John Ravenscroft
Abblasen1688, Gottfried Reiche pdfGottfried Reiche

Tunes arranged by Waits:

The Night WatchAnthony Holborne (1545 – 1602)mp3   2pt3pt 4ptpdf/pdf   2pt3&4ptArr. Tony Pearson © 2007
Gresley MSAnon – Early 15th Century pdfYork Waits