Dartington Summer School

27th July to 3rd August 2013


Topping Tooters of the Town: Music of the Waites


Early Brass: Cornetts and Sackbuts

Topping Tooters of the Town: Music of the Waites

(Directors: William Lyons with members of The City Musick)

William Lyons

This year’s course will look at a broad range of 16th and 17th century music from the British Isles and mainland Europe with an emphasis on the music of the Piffari – wind players in major Italian towns such as Venice, Florence, Siena and Rome.

Renaissance Big Band: As well as the main course we will be forming a Renaissance ‘Big Band’ to work on dance music of the period, culminating with a rollicking public performance at the end of the week. The course is primarily intended for wind players on shawms, cornetts, sackbuts, crumhorns, curtals and recorders. Bagpipes, fiddles and gurdies also very welcome. Players should be of reasonable standard and bring their own instruments. Existing ensembles are welcome.

Early Brass: Cornetts and Sackbuts

(Directors: Gawain Glenton & Emily White)

Gawain Glenton
Emily White

Gawain and Emily will give separate instrument-specific classes for cornett and sackbut players, working on 16thand 17th-century repertoire each afternoon. The cornetts and sackbuts will also come together regularly to play as an ensemble. Students are further encouraged to attend the Topping Tooters sessions in the mornings with The City Musick, during which cornetts and sackbuts will have the chance to join with curtals and shawms, leading towards a Renaissance Big Band concert at the end of the week. Individual coaching, ornamentation workshops, small ensembles and the ‘Big Band’ combine to make a demanding and rewarding full-time programme.

Try the Cornett: This week Gawain will offer two short late afternoon sessions allowing participants not familiar with the instrument to give it a go.

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