Brass Instrument Making:   6-11 July 2009

Message from:

Geert Jan van der Heide
Historische Blaasinstrumenten en Pauken
Withagersteeg 4
3882 MH Putten

Dear friends,

I would be happy to pass on some of my knowledge about historic brass instrument-making.My intention is to open my workshop and give some people (not more than 6 or 7!) the opportunity to learn something about trumpet- and/or sackbut making.This will be between 6-11 July 2009.

They who would like to attend, have to take care of themselves for lodging and meals. There will be the possibility to camp on our land.

The costs for material, solder, gas, etc. will be 50,- euro.

If you are interested, or know people who could be, please let me know.

Hope to see you,

With friendly greetings,

Geert Jan van der Heide

If anyone is interested, and invited to participate, and informs me in time, I will do my best to find accommodation.   Willem van Aart     email: