Workshops for Renaissance Wind:   9 August 2008 onwards

Message from:

Musical Banquet
20 Park Avenue
M33 6HE
Tel: 0161 962 9183

We are a cornett and sackbut group operating from Sale in South Manchester. From Autumn 2008 we plan to organise occasional one day workshops in this area.

However before proceeding we need to gauge the level of interest. We would therefore like to hear from players of cornett, sackbut, shawm and curtal who may like to participate.

The workshops, which will be conducted by leading experts, will explore the repertoire ( 15th to 17th centuries ) and cover other topics such as technique development, improvisation and ornamentation.

If you are at all interested please complete the printable form. Feel free to phone me if you have any questions.

This communication will be circulated throughout the Early Music Fora but please copy the form to anyone you think might be interested.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dave Love