Kings to Cuckolds

A selection of ceremonial and popular music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance

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Listening to this recording, it is easy to forget that these are my old friends Chris and Lizzie. The fact that so many tunes are familiar to me, did not detract from my delight at the “Wyldes Noyse” treatment of such old favourites as “Passtime with Good Companye” and “Watkins Ale”. Although I am often described as over-critical, I really appreciate the way that Chris and Lizzie make this music their own, it would have been all too tempting to copy other bands’ arrangements, but Wyldes Noyse resist, and are all the better for it.

The selection of music is broad and diverse, song, dances, majestic shawms and some really exquisite harp playing from Lizzie – which makes me wonder why they aren’t charging more! The eerie sounds of Chris’s lizard feature strongly – a member of the Serpent family, the lizard is incredibly difficult to master. As a fellow lizard player, I can tell you that I am in awe of Chris’s talent on this utterly non-user-friendly instrument.

It is clear that Wyldes Noyse enjoy their music. Even before you hear the CD, the illustrations of instruments that adorn the notes on each piece, as well as the CD label, are already an indication of the fun and enthusiasm that pervades every piece.

A great buy.

Reviewed by Al Garrod of City of Lincoln Waites
August 2009