Waits Waites & Waytes

Hits in the National Archives on line at http://www.a2a.org.uk/ extracted by Alan Radford


Officers: Individual Officers – ref. COL/OF/02
FILE – Waits: Payments to – ref. COL/OF/02/156 – date: 1689 – 1718
FILE – Waits: City – ref. COL/OF/02/157 – date: 1704 – 1762
Notes and Extracts relating to City Waits
Receipt for £10.15s. being 1/3 part of the sum agreed to be paid by Wm. Smith to the Lord Mayor for his admittance into the place of one of the eight waits. 18 Sep 1704.Receipt for £2.3s. being 1/3 part of £6: 12s agreed by Richard Sleep to be paid to the Lord Mayor for his admittance into the place of one of the City Waits in the room of Thomas Sharples. 23 Oct 1711.
FILE – Waits – ref. COL/OF/02/158 – date: 15 Feb 1787
Power of Attorney given to Rich. Burnett to receive money due to Wm. Burnett one of the City Waits.
FILE – Research Papers, Box 3 – ref. COL/AC/13/003 – date: 20th c.
item: Waits – ref. COL/AC/13/003/07 [n.d.]
Paper on the City Waits by P.E. Jones, Xmas 1963. (2 copies)
Copies of entries relating to one of city Waits, William Saunders/Sanders, 18 Sep 1634 & 4 Feb 1640/1 [negative copies; from Rep.48 fos. 434-435 & Rep.55 fos. 63v-64]

Negatives BF – ref. COL/AC/19
FILE – Repertory 7, fo. 137: part only re John Warreyn’s admission as one of Waits – ref. COL/AC/19/146 – date: n.d.

Conservancy papers – ref. CLA/036/02: Miscellaneous 1680
FILE – City Waits’ receipt for Court [4, 7, 12 or 15?], receipted by Theo. Fitt, 11 Aug 1680. – ref. CLA/036/02/1680/13/7 – date: 1680Court 12: Kent (Greenwich) 29 July 1681
FILE – Order of the Lord Mayor for payment to the City Waits, 3 Aug 1681, receipted by Robert Perry, 3 Aug 1681. – ref. CLA/036/02/1681/12/2 – date: 1681

Conservancy papers – ref. CLA/036/02: Miscellaneous 1720
FILE – [City Waits’] bill for Courts 6,8,10 and 12, with Lord Mayor Sir George Thorold’s order to Chamberlain George Ludlam to pay Mr. Meers. – ref. CLA/036/02/1720/17/2 – date: 1720
FILE – Order of the Court of Aldermen for the Chamberlain to examine the City Waits’ bill for music at several [dinners at?] Courts for [1720]. – ref. CLA/036/02/1720/17/3 – date: 1720

Records Of The Manor Of Lordshold, Hackney – ref. M79/LH: Deeds
FILE – Licence to waits and musicians (with 19th century copy) – ref. M79/LH/121 – date: 1704

Royalty – ref. COL/SD/01
FILE – Prince Charles Edward – ref. COL/SD/01/054 – date: 1688
Birth of Andrew of Ct. of Ald for payments to nurses, the weaver of the news and to the city’s waits and music, for their service and performance on the last thanksgiving day for the birth of the young Prince.
Lord Kenyon’s Papers
FILE – RICHARD EDGE to ROGER KENYON. – ref. DDKE/acc. 7840 HMC/1057 – date: 1697, November 16 “The Blue Boar,” in Holborn.–“His Majestie landed on Sunday last, about 11 a’clock in the aforenoon, at Margret, came that night to Canterbury, last night to Greenwich, where this morning most of the great officers and persons of quality in the town, waited of him, and about two this afternoon made his publick entry into the citty; came through Fleet Street about 4, and so went to Whitehall. The ceremony was thus, as near as I can remember: ringing of bells, the streets lined with the citty trainbands, here and there a conduit running with wine. First, a company of granadeers, a troop of the royall dragoons, next 3 of the King’s coaches, with several persons of quality in them–Collonel Stanley I saw in one of them; next was the messengers on horseback, next the Citty trumpetts and waits, next the serjeants of the counters, next the Common Councell on horseback, next the Aldermen on horseback, next the Lord Mayor, carrying the sword, on horseback, then the heralds, all bare, then the kettle-drums, next the yeomen of the guard, then the King’s coach, very fine, in which was the King, who looked very brisk, and made his compliments to each side the street, and the Prince of Denmark and Earl of Rumney, next Prince George’s empty coach, then a troop of the life guard, then the Archbishopp of Canterbury, then the Lord Chancellor, then the Duke of Leeds in his coach besides his grace the Earl of Pembrooke, then the Duke of Norfolke, then the Duke of Devonshire, then several dukes’ coaches, then severall earls and lords, amongst which I saw the Earls of Macclesfeild and Warrington, then severall bishopps, amongst whom was the Bishopp of Chester, then all the judges’ coaches, then severall persons of quality’s coaches; all the coaches before had six horses each, and footmen and laques going by.


Assembly Books: The Third Assembly Book
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/3/148-9v – date: 25th Feb., 1706[/7]
Thomas Lewis, senior, William Powell, Thomas Lewis, junior, and Matthew Trueman, the City’s Waits, stated in a petition that by the usage of the City the Waits should have new cloaks at the City’s charge every three years, and that the Treasurers paid them 10s. for their playing on any extraordinary rejoicing day, besides their common salary. They had had their present cloaks above three years, and had not been paid anything for the last two rejoicing days. Consideration of this petition was respited until the next Assembly.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/3/151-2 – date: 30th May, 1707
The City’s Waits were to have new cloaks once in every five years.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/3/152-3v – date: 7th Aug., 1707
Thomas Lewis, junior, one of the City’s Waits, was to be admitted to the freedom gratis.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/3/154r,v – date: 16th Sept., 1707
(ZA/B/3/154v) Mathew Trueman, one of the City’s Waits, was to be admitted gratis.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/3/192-5 – date: 10th Jan., 1711/12
3. That the Waits of the City ought to attend the Mayor at such public times and occasions as they had usually attended, without any other allowance than their ancient salary of 40s. a year and cloaks once in every five years.

Assembly Books: The Second Assembly Book
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/2/157 – date: 14th Dec., 1666
George Watt, musician, petitioned on behalf of his Company, the City’s Waits, that the City’s livery should be bestowed upon them. It was ordered that the Treasurers should give cloth for livery gowns to George Watt and to two others of the ancient waits and that they should wear these in the City and not elsewhere.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/2/175-175v – date: 17th Dec., 1672
George Watt, musician, petitioned on behalf of himself and of the City’s waits that they might have the City’s livery and a yearly salary. It was ordered that there should be four City waits, that they should have liveries every three years and 10s. apiece every Christmas so long as they did not leave the City, and so long as they played in the streets morning and evening as had been the custom.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/2/176-176v – date: 11th July, 1673
The Treasurers were ordered to pay Peter Edwards for silver badges which he had provided for the City’s Waits.

Assembly Books: The Fourth Assembly Book
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/4/(145v) – date: 1752
It was ordered that at all future venison feasts there should be no money collected from the guests for the Mayor’s servants and attendants but instead the Treasurers should pay forty shillings to the cooks, and ten shillings amongst the waits more than the ten shillings that used to be paid to them.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/4/(146v) – date: 1752
Consideration of the petition of James Bettily, musician, one of the City waits, for his freedom was respited till the next Assembly.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/4/(235v) – date: 1765-66
The fees usually paid to the City waits and cooks at the Venison Feast were to be continued whether or not the feast was kept up by the succeeding Mayors.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/4/(288) – date: 1771-73
It was ordered that the City Waits be regulated by the Mayor and an allowance made out of the Treasury as he should think fit, not exceeding five shillings a day to each man, exclusive of the usual salary.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/B/4/(305) – date: 1774-75
The City Waits were to be regulated by the above committee and a salary for their attendance on the corporation was to be allowed out of the Treasury.

Assembly Files: Assembly Files of the seventeenth century
FILE – Petition of George Calley, one of the City Waits, who asks the Mayor to discourage and suppress all the foreigners (non-freemen) who instruct in the faculty of dancing in the City – ref. ZA/F/10/53 – date: [1615-16]
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/F/39d/22 – date: [14 Dec. 1666]
Petition of George Watt, musician, on behalf of himself and his company, the City Waits. Note of order.

Assembly Files: Assembly Files of the seventeenth century
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/F/47e/50 – date: 29th May, 1702
Petition of Joseph Dunstan, stating that he was born and bred in the City and serves as one of the City Waits or Musicians, desiring to be admitted to the freedom. Note of voting and order.

Assembly Files: Assembly Files of the seventeenth century
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/F/48d/26 – date: 25 February 1706/7
Petition from Thomas Lewis, sen., William Powell, Mathew Trueman and Thomas Lewis, jun., city waits, for new cloaks, since it is customary for these to be provided every three years, and for an additional payment of 10s. for playing on special occasions.

Schedule ” E ” Box “E” – Ref. Dch/E: Rocksavage & Clifton Section
FILE – File of Papers – ref. DCH/E/314 – date: 1624
18. Aug., 1624. PETITION by the Ringers at St. Peter’s (named), asking for “your worship’s gratuitie”. Endorsed, an account of money paid to the Ringers of St. Peter’s and St. John’s, the waits of Chester and others.

Assembly Files: Assembly Files of the seventeenth century
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/F/40e/23 – date: [17 Dec. 1672]
Petition of George Watt, musician, on behalf of himself and the City Waites. Note of order.

The Pre-1835 Records of The City Corporation of Carlisle: Financial Records

Chamberlains’ Accounts: Vouchers
FILE – Vouchers, includes: glass for old hall, new hall and lamps; timber for roof for Dye house; damages to John Langhom’s property caused by water running over his close when Borough Mill was repaired; bull rope; Mayors’ (Joseph Backhouse) expenses; work at mills; for maintenance of workhouse; receipt for Waits; Gaolers salary for City Gaol – ref. Ca/3/4/33 – date: 1739
FILE – Vouchers, includes: painting the Arms of the city after cleaning the pictures in the Hall; City waits; account for [refreshments] for Kings return Oct 18, 1740 costs in case Highmore v. Mayor and bailiffs – ref. Ca/3/4/35 – date: 1739 – 1741
FILE – Vouchers, includes: city waits for music – ref. Ca/3/4/53 – date: 1756-1757
FILE – Vouchers, includes: printing 300 reports on the state of corporation accounts; making a hedge between the Duke of Portland’s ground and Lowery Holm and Wreay Holm – cancelled bonds for £82. 10s 6d and £80 between Mayor of Carlisle etc. and George Blamire of Caldewgate; salary for waits – John Pescod and Jos Strong; cancelled bond between Mayor of Carlisle etc. and Elizabeth Creighton of Bank End for £200; cancelled bond between Mayor of Carlisle etc. and Richard Hodgson of Carlisle for £143.7s; repairs and ‘writing out imperfections’ in Common Prayer Book and Bible; cancelled bond between Mayor of Carlisle etc. and William Milbourne of Armthwaite for £103.2s 6d; pavements At Collier Stile, Castle Street and Fisher Street – ref. Ca/3/4/62 – date: 1765-1766
FILE – Vouchers, includes: salary for talking care of prisoners in Gatehead jail; salary as Master of Head school; attending William Patterson 5 days and 5 nights when gaol was out of repair; waits – ref. Ca/3/4/67 – date: 1771
FILE – Vouchers, includes: hedges at Willy Holm; £60 as purchase money of part of a garden or parcel of ground Black Fryars sold by T. Pattinson to the corporation; city waits – William Moore and Jos Strong; wages of overseer of butcher’s market including conviction of William Swainson for selling bad veal and for burning of cow head and tongue; wages as bailiff and for taking care of Gatehead prison; expenses for Robert Knagg’s funeral (3); rebuilding St Cuthbert’s church; schoolmaster salary – ref. Ca/3/4/75 – date: 1779


County Record Office Huntingdon Whitney Collection: Further Whole Plate Images. – ref. WH3
FILE – Mr Richardson [possibly Robert Richardson of the Waits, St. Ives] – ref. WH3/271 – date: c.1870’s


Estate, Manorial, and Personal: Robert Rising
FILE – ‘Odds and Ends Waifs and Strays’ – ref. COL/2/84 – date: 1810-1836
Commonplace book compiled by Rising with many drawings and caricatures inc. local ones, e.g. the Yarmouth waits


Local Affairs: Notts; shrievalty
FILE – Memo. of agreement – ref. DD/SY/275 – date: 1750
(2) To have from Exchequer &95 13s. allowance, and all fees of shrievalty, and &170 from (1). (2) to pay for taking out patent, passing accounts, Judges’ Lodgings, etc., and to obtain the quietus. To provide (1) with a good coach and 4 able horses, a coachman and 2 footmen with full liveries except linen and shoes, and 2 trumpeters and 14 javelin men with coats, hats, stockings and gloves, at both Assizes; to treat 20 friends of (1) twice at each Assizes with ordinary’s wine and ale, treat the bailiffs and livery servants with a dinner and ale; to find the javelins and hangers and trumpet banners, and pay for the Assize sermons, parson, clerk and sexton, ringers and waits, and for wine to the Clerk of Assize.


First Deposit of the Manuscripts of the Earl of Ancaster: Elections and County Politics – ref. 1ANC13: Miscellaneous Papers
FILE – Boston and Lincoln election – ref. 1ANC13/B/1 – date: 1661
item: An accompt of the expenses at the election of burgesses at Boston – ref. 1ANC13/B/1/b – date: April 8th 1661
Charges at the Crown and for the waits, ringers, churchwardens and the officers of the Hall for fees “when your lordship was made free at Boston.”


Various documents relating to the East Riding of Yorkshire – ref. zDDX17/1/1
FILE – Notebook relating to the East Riding of Yorkshire – ref. zDDX17/1/1/15 – date: 19th century
Includes notes referring to: Driffield and area; Sewerby, Bridlington, Filey, Nafferton, Burton Agnes, Kilham; Hull Subscription Library; public records; hunts; public houses; farming; manors; parishes and churches; shires and hundreds; poems; mail; races; Methodism; Archdeaconry of the East Riding Correction Books; families of Etherington, Graeme, Hustler, Paul, Truslove, Bowers, Gray; Reverend Thomas Browne and his poems; umbrellas; waits; coroners.


Borough courts etc.: First Folio
FILE [no title] – ref. 1/359/53 – date: 17cent
Petition of the waytes of the borough of Plymouth to the Mayor, Aldermen and Magistrates regarding the payment of waytes


Assembly Files: Assembly Files of the seventeenth century
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/F/48d/55 – date: 7 August 1707
Petition from Thomas Lewis, jun., former city wait, to be admitted freeman
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/F/48d/66 – date: 16 September 1707
Petition from Samuel Wells, son in law of Robert Fletcher, freeman and city wait, to be admitted freeman.
FILE [no title] – ref. ZA/F/48d/68 – date: 16 September 1707
Petition from Matthew Trueman, city wait, to be admitted freeman


Sessions Papers – ref. CC/JQ

FILE – ref. CC/JQ/333/x – date: 1534
John Bemon, city wait, for affray 7 Sep


Financial Records: Bonds: Bonds for plate
FILE [no title] – ref. BCC/F/Bond/2/1 – date: 1724 Jan 20
1. John Frederick Dinglesteedt, city wait


Officers: Individual Officers – ref. COL/OF/02
FILE – Waits: City – ref. COL/OF/02/157 – date: 1704 – 1762
Assignment of three years’ salary as a City Wait, by Edward Pointin to James Indall, 9 Jan 1713/4