The North East of England

Named Waites

“Music Making in North-East England during the Eighteenth Century”
by Roz Southey
(2006, Ashgate Publishing.  ISBN-13: 978-0-7546-5097-3.  ISBN-10: 0-7546-5097-0 Hardback).


John Aldridge, Newcastle Wait 1780-1790s
Richard Avison (? – 1721), Newcastle Wait, father of Charles Avison snr.
Robert Blenkinsop (fl.1705-1725), Newcastle Wait.
?? Franks, (1739), Newcastle Wait.
John Gale, (d. 1765), Newcastle Wait.
Cornforth Gelson, (1747-1751), Newcastle Wait.
Thomas Howgill, (d. 1755), Newcastle Wait.
John Jubb (d. 1712), Newcastle Wait.
William Jubb (d. 1742), Newcastle Wait.
Henry Kell (fl. 1702), Newcastle Wait.
Simpson Kell (d. 1746-1763), Newcastle Wait.
William McFarlane (d. 1788), Newcastle Wait.
John Martin (fl. 1717-1720), Newcastle Wait.
Robert Martin (d. 1740), Newcastle Wait.
William Martin (d. before 1735), Newcastle Wait.
Robert Newby snr. (d, 1772), Newcastle Wait appointed 1763.
Robert Robson (d. 1746), Newcastle Wait.
Thomas Ross snr. (d. 1786), Newcastle Wait appointed 1765.
Thomas Ross jr. Newcastle Wait.
?? Shadforth, (fl. 1772), Newcastle Wait.
William Sinclair (d. 1783), Newcastle Wait appointed 1742.
Solomon Strolger (1703-1779), Newcastle Wait appointed 1725.
Henry Tait (fl. 1776), Newcastle Wait.
James Walker (d. 1786), Newcastle Wait 1772-1783.
John Wightman, Newcastle Wait 1739-1746.
Joseph Wilkinson (d. 1730/1), Newcastle Wait.
William Wright (d. 1830), Newcastle Wait 1786-1793.
William Wrightman, Newcastle Wait in 1739.


Peter Blenkinsop, (d. 1778), Durham Wait.
William Burlingson (1778) Durham Wait.
William Smith (d. 1794), Durham Wait.
Abraham Taylor (d. 1749), Durham Wait.
Philip Young (d. 1788), Durham Wait.


Robert Hill, (1757) Hexham Wait.
William Hill, (1724), Hexham Wait.
Jasper Kell (fl. 1711-1733) Hexham Wait.


David McGill, Berwick Wait.
John Oswald, Berwick Wait appointed 1735.
Henry Tate (d. 1784), Berwick Wait.

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