Danish Waits


Johann Schop (1590-1664) became a member of the Royal Danish Court musicians in Copenhagen and, in 1621, leader of the Ratsmusik (municipal musicians) group in in Hamburg, Germany. There’s an engraving of him at http://www.cyberhymnal.org/bio/s/c/schop_j.htm

William Brade (1560-1630) whom we know as a court musician in Denmark and Brandenburg and a composer of consort music, was a stadtpfeifer in Hamburg from 1608-1610 and again 1613-1615. Subsequently he worked as a stadtpfeifer in Gottorp, Copenhagen, Halle, G├╝strow and Berlin. http://www.hoasm.org/IVM/Brade.html

“Only very rarely does one get to hear a cornettist. I myself have only heard one who knew how to play this instrument well: a musician who, like myself was serving with the city musicians in Copenhagen.”
Lorentz Nicolaj Berg, “Den forste Probe for Begundere ude Instrumental-Kunsten”, 1782.