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Original Pictures - Dated

Robert Braunche Nuremberg Town Band 1449, 1519 & 1500 Engagement of St. Ursula & Prince Etherius 1520 Trumpets   Sackbut 1538 Crumhorn players 1551 Pipere 1555 Female Sackbut Player Leuven 1564 Amsterdam 1604 Graz 1568 Trumpeter 1568 Graz Town Band Antwerp 1582 Spring Picnic - Lucas van Valkenborch 1587 Brussel 1594 Leuven 1594 Antoon Sallaert 1615 Dresden 1709 Hautbois Du Roi 1715 Feldmusik 1720 Regimental bands, 1750s City of London Waits 1761 King's Lynn Yeomanry 1782 George III sea-bathing City of London Waits 1805 a Wait 1815 Christmas Waits 1872 Punch cartoon 1881 Christmas Waits 1886 Punch cartoon 1890 Leicester Waits 1900 Lincoln Waits 1908

Original Pictures - Undated

17th century Waits 18th century Waits 18th century Oboe and Bassoon Band 19th century Christmas Waits Anthony of Dornstätt Johan Ambrosius Bach J S Bach Brugge Carfax Conduit Doncaster Mansion House Dunmow Flitch A Florentine Wedding Gabriel Schütz Gawthorpe Hall Germersheim German Stadtpfeifers King Henry VIII's Wind Band Bartholomew Johnston, Scarborough Wait James Livingstone, town piper of Haddington Poland Geordy Sime of Dalkeith

James Merryweather Illustrations from James Merryweather's book, York Music.

Anthony Barton Drawings by Anthony Barton of 16th-17th century dress


Aag Grann Alnwick Wait Altarnun Bruges Bellforte Chains The Charlotte Waites Christmas Waits' Bills Thomas Crawshaw Crawshaw Memorial Crying Christmas Doncaster Mansion House The Dover Hornblower Dresdner Stadtpfeifer Ediswan Light Bulb Ely Waits Gloucester Waits Great Yarmouth Custom House IGTP Life Membership Kilsyth - Willie Orr, Town Piper King's Lynn Town Hall Waits' Gallery Leeds Civic Hall

Lincoln Waites Ludlow Waites Lysarden Mallorca Newark Waits' Badges Norwich Lysard Norwich Music House Ripon Town Hall Stadspijpers van s-Hertogenbosch Stadtpfieffers of Prague Stamford Town Hall Waits' Gallery St Mary's, Beverley Thomas Coward The City Musick 2014 The Vekter of Trondheim Waiting Tower The York Waits December 2000 Sherriff's Riding

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