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The International Guild of Town Pipers

The International Guild of Town Pipers "Waits Website" ( has developed over the years and is now quite large, containing historical records, music, records of our festivals and other activities, images, literary quotes, links and a whole lot more. This valuable resource requires significant server space and quite a lot of maintenance.

In order to assist with the cost of running the website, the Directors decided to institute a system of membership, which will confer significant benefits, although the content of the site will remain freely accessible.

The benefits of membership are:

  1. A prominent graphical link to a band's own site on the Member Bands page (at our discretion, we may provide certain non-member waits-type bands with a simple text link).
  2. Gig listings in the Events Calendar.
  3. Members' badges (a silver-finish badge featuring the IGTP logo), available at £4 each.
  4. Advance notice/priority booking at Waits Workshops and Festivals.
  5. Priority in Guild-organised events.
  6. Access to a the Guild's Facebook page.

The membership year runs from 1st January until the 31st December. The annual membership fee will be £10 per person, but with a maximum of £50 for a band with five or more members, with a student rate of £5 per member up to a maximum of £25 for a band with five or more members. The Directors of the Guild hope that you will join, thereby giving financial support to the maintenance and on-going development of the Waits Website and the other activities of the Guild including biennial workshops and festivals.

Annual Membership Fees

Whatever your method of payment, please remember to post your completed Membership Form and Gift Aid Form (if applicable), to: Roger Offord, 2 Ledbury Gardens, Cusworth, Doncaster DN5 8LS


Account name "The International Guild of Town pipers"

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Please make cheques out to "The International Guild of Town Pipers" and post them with your other forms (see above).


Life Membership