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10 Mar 2013:
Secular Musicians in Late Medieval England Thesis by Prof. Richard Rastall.

23 Jan 2011:
For all shawm and curtal players and aspiring reed-makers - are two videos of reed-making by Jeremie Papasergio.
Part 1 (YouTube).
Part 2 (YouTube).

07 Aug 2010:
See York Waits on YouTube: YouTube

25 Aug 2009:
As the website has now officially switched to the new version and curator, this is the appropriate time to put on record the gratitude of IGTP Directors and all waits for Chris Gutteridge's years of service to the cause, in building and maintaining the Waits Website over a significant number of years. Your dedication and hard work has played a major role in publicity, giving us a web presence and for encouraging several recent group revivals. As you head into "semi-retirement" with only Notes and Queries to maintain, our thanks go with you.
[Alan Radford, Director IGTP, 23 Aug 2009.]

I echo all of Alan’s words.
[Al Garrod, Webmaster IGTP, 23 Aug 2009.]

Suddenly the new website is in place, even if there are still parts of it to sort out. I echo Alan's comment that he is happy to let Al make his informed choices (I can't do anything else, being blissfully ignorant in this area!). All power to Al's elbow, and thank you, Al, for your stupendous work in sorting through everything and developing a website that I think we shall all be very proud of and find very useful. In addition to this, I'd also echo Alan's comments about Chris. The earlier website was a great resource that has served us magnificently over the years, and much of Chris's work carries over into the new website. I don't doubt that the IGTP would have struggled to do the useful things that it has achieved in that period were it not for that website, and that the website has been a major factor in bringing waits and other interested parties together and disseminating information, knowledge and understanding. So I raise my glass to Chris's achievement and to the future of the IGTP website under Al's stewardship. Thank you, Chris; and thank you, Al.
[Professor Richard Rastall MA MusB PhD FSA, Patron, 24 Aug 2009.]

I thoroughly endorse all that has been said. In fact as a Trustee of the Guild I would like to formally propose that messr's Merryweather and Gutteridge be formally accepted as life members of the guild and to receive a free badge as token of our esteem. (Chris you are barred from the vote!)
[Roger Offord, Director IGTP, 25 Aug 2009.]

22 Aug 2009:
A lot has been happening in The International Guild of Town Pipers!

Firstly, Al Garrod of The Lincoln Waites and Actuality Solutions has taken over as webmaster and completely re-designed and updated the Waits Website, making it easier to use, more logical, and more browser-friendly. In due course, new sections, accessible only to members of the Guild (for Guild membership, see below), will be added.

I am continuing (when I can find the time) to look after Notes and Queries. For the moment, until I get it sorted out, please be sure to manouver out of the Notes and Queries section by using the back button on your browser, so that you don't get trapped in the old site!

Secondly, the Guild is holding a Tudor Waits Music workshop on Sunday, 25th October at Coddington Village Hall, Newark, with renowned early musicians Keith McGowan (reeds) and Jamie Savan (brass). Both these tutors have a lot to offer, and the day should prove very rewarding for all Waits.

Lastly, the Guild has instituted a proper system of membership. The membership fee is £10 per person, or a maximum of £50 per band. There will be various benefits for members, and a members' badge has been designed from our new logo, and is available at £4 each. Please join the guild, and help to maintain its work, both in education through the website, and in supporting performances, workshops and festivals. A membership application form is attached.

Best wishes,

Chris Gutteridge, director and trustee, The International Guild of Town Pipers.

01 Jan 2008:
The untimely death of Ian Richardson, York Wait, has cast a long shadow over 2007. He will continue to be greatly missed. His obituary page, with all your messages and pictures, has been moved to our Miscellanea section, where it will remain. From Roger Offord of the Doncaster Waites comes a timely reminder on the new 2008 Notes & Queries page of how much we all owe to The York Waits. Looking to the future, plans are afoot for the 3rd International Festival of Town Pipers to take place in Lincoln on Friday 27th to Sunday 29th June 2008. A draft programme has been drawn up, and applications for funding have been made. Members of the Waits Website email list will be informed when news becomes available. With Ian's death, the position of Company Secretary of the International Guild of Town Pipers Ltd., which he set up, became vacant. Roger Offord has been appointed Company Secretary, with Al Radford as Chairman and Al Garrod and myself as directors. Have a look on the Photos page for pictures of the York Waits' traditional Sheriff's Riding and the feast that followed it, and of the Lincoln Waits' newly revived ceremony of "Crying Christmas". Very best wishes for 2008, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Lincoln at the end of June.

James Merryweather, Richard Rastall and Chris Gutteridge
James Merryweather, Richard Rastall and Chris Gutteridge.