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1. Historical Records of Waites in England, Scotland & Wales

14th Century Waits Alnwick     ◄   NEW Barnstaple     ◄   NEW Bath Bellingham Berwick Beverley Boston Bradford Bristol     ◄   NEW Bury-St-Edmunds     ◄   NEW Carlisle     ◄   NEW Chester     ◄   NEW Cambridge Colchester Coventry     ◄   NEW Doncaster Dublin Durham Edinburgh Elgin Exeter     ◄   NEW Galashiels Glasgow Grantham Hackney Halifax Hexham Honiton Hull     ◄   NEW Ipswich Islington     ◄   NEW Kendal     ◄   NEW King's Lynn Leeds Leicester Lichfield Lincoln Liverpool     ◄   NEW City of London     ◄   NEW Louth Manchester     ◄   NEW Miscellanea Morpeth Newark Newcastle     ◄   NEW Norwich     ◄   NEW Nottingham     ◄   NEW Norfolk & Suffolk (Malone Society) Northampton North Shields Other Waits Oxford Plymouth Preston Richmond Ripon Salisbury Scarborough Scots Town Pipers Sheffield Shrewsbury     ◄   NEW Skipton Spreadsheets Stamford Thetford     ◄   NEW Waits' Duties Waits' Instruments Waits of Aristocratic Households Wakefield Westminster Waits Wigan Waits Worcester Waites     ◄   NEW York York Sheriffs Riding York - Skeldergate Waites York Music by Dr. James Merryweather

2. Historical Records of Other Waites

Austria Belgium     ◄   NEW Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Germany Germany: The Bach Family Ireland Italy The Netherlands Turkey

3. Town Drummers

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