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IGTP Members

Baggshotte Waytes

www: Baggshotte Waytes


www: Blondel

fb: Blondel

The Charlotte Waites

fb: The Charlotte Waites

Colchester Waits Shawm Band

www: Colchester Waits Shawm Band

fb: Colchester Waits Shawm Band

Doncaster Waites

www: Doncaster Waites

The Ely Piper

www: The Ely Piper

fb: The Ely Piper

Gloucester Waites

www: Gloucester Waites

King's Lynn Waites

www: King's Lynn Waites

Leeds Waits

www: Leeds Waits

fb: Leeds Waits

City of Lincoln Waites

www: City of Lincoln Waites

fb: City of Lincoln Waites

De Mowbray's Musicke

www: De Mowbray's Musicke

fb: De Mowbray's Musicke

Stadspijpers van 's-Hertogenbosch

www: Stadspijpers van 's-Hertogenbosch

fb: Stadspijpers van 's-Hertogenbosch

Waytes & Measures

www: Waytes & Measures

fb: Waytes & Measures

York Waits

www: York Waits

fb: York Waits



Other Waites who are not members of the Guild

Other Shawm Bands and friends

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