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This website was redesigned and rebuilt in summer 2009 by Al Garrod (of City of Lincoln Waites). Al continues to host, manage and maintain this website for the Guild.

Please email material to Al at


Alan Radford (of Leeds Waits) maintains and updates the event list.
Members -
please email your event details to Alan at
Allister Garrod
Al is Master of City of Lincoln Waites
Al is happy to hear from anyone who would like him to design/host/manage a website for their musical group or business: Actuality
Alan Radford
Alan is the Chief Wait and Musical Director of Leeds Waits.

Notes & Queries

Chris Gutteridge (of King's Lynn Waits) maintains and updates the Notes & Queries pages.
Please email information to Chris at

Mailing List

We occassionally send information out by email.
If you wish to join our (email) mailing list, please email placing the word "Join" in the subject line of your message.
If you want to leave this mailing list, please send an email with the word "Remove" in the subject line.
As the Waits Website mailing list is controlled by White Cottage Websites,
you will not receive unwanted adverts or spam, and your details will not be disclosed to any third party.

James Merryweather & Chris Gutteridge
Photo: Jayne Thomas

The Waits Website was founded by Dr James Merryweather
and was, for many years, lovingly and carefully updated and maintained by Chris Gutteridge
during his time as the site's first webmaster.


The Trustees of the International Guild of Town Pipers are:
Alan Radford, Chairman (Leeds Waits)
Roger Offord, Treasurer (Doncaster Waits)
Jef Teulings (Stadpijpers van 's-Hertogenbosch)
Jonathan Palmer, Secretary (Colchester Waites)